Balance is everything

Mobile joints, smooth skin, glossy hair and healthy finger nails. Some of the benefits of fortifying with Collagen 

Science and creativity in harmony

We love everything that’s new. We’re fascinated, you might say obsessed with finding new ways 
to enhance the human experience with nutrition

Adding value with a variety of solutions

We are driven to bring our clients a broad selection of products, helping them to build long-term and sustainable relationships with their customers

The latest industry developments

Learn about the latest industry developments for today and tomorrow

Far reaching

Sourcing products from around the globe

Leading from
the front

Nutricol is an experienced, creative and customer centred provider of high performance ingredient solutions.

We are known for our constant innovation in health, nutrition and weight management.

New Flavour

For delicious protein shakes

Peach`n Cream: A flavour composition that captivates with a fruity taste of ripe peach and a perfect creamy base caused by a smooth cheese curd note.



Retailers are seeing exponential growth in healthier snack categories as brands reformulate and launch new products.