Plugged into the network

We work closely with all of our Principals and suppliers around the world to ensure product stewardship, market support and innovation is delivered to our customers.

Some of our sources are old acquaintances. Others are more recently attained associates. All are encouraged to accord with Nutricol as partners. From factory audits, to joint attendance at seminars, exhibitions, conferences and of course the customer, transparency is fundamental to inspire confidence all round.


A good example is Agar – an important hydrocolloid that has recently been subjected to strict quota legislation by the local government for the first time, in a bid to protect the root crop from over harvesting.




Several trips to the supplier (a leading global producer) ensued, many with our customers, to understand the ramifications of said quota and how we might preserve our supply position.

Close liaisons with all involved in the supply chain, including the local ministry for agriculture and fisheries, has enabled us to secure and maintain our annual allocation for the past 3 years running, despite a shortfall in availability.