Being prepared for ‘No Deal’ or ‘Hard’ Brexit.

In light of the slow progress to reach a settlement on the UK’S terms of exit from the EU, we must consider the potential impact on our supply chain in the event of a ‘No Deal’ or ‘Hard’ Brexit.

Bearing in mind the considerable uncertainty on the impact of such a scenario we are reviewing all the possible implications and where possible planning the implementation of suitable contingencies in order to minimise the potential impact to our business and service.


  • Possible delays for importing goods into the UK resulting from
    import clearance procedures and increased demands on the ports
    of entry into the UK.
  • Increased costs within the supply chain, relating to import handling
    and import duties.




Whilst we can take no action to influence any additional costs of importation, we are implementing contingencies to mitigate potential challenges and minimise supply chain disruption during this transitional period. These will include increasing stock levels where possible in the run up to leaving the EU and engaging with both our customers and our manufacturing colleagues to work together on maintaining our service.