Leading the way in hydrocolloids

They are used to thicken, gel and stabilise foods and they also interact with proteins, allowing for protein stabilisation and protection applications.

Not every hydrocolloid combines all of these properties, but gelatine does. In addition to gelatine, an animal protein, there are vegetable hydrocolloids such as agar-agar.

Nutricol specialises in these two Hydrocolloids and with 40 years experience to hand, is best placed to offer solutions to your textural, gelling or stability requirements.


  • Food Grade Agar
  • Organic Agar
  • Microbiology
  • Agar
  • Technical Agar
  • Agarose


  1. Porcine: From both pig skins and pig bones, allowing us to offer two main gelatine types:
    • Extracted from acid processed pig skin
    • Extracted from alkali processed pig bones
  2. Bovine: The bovine raw materials are bones and hides. The typical
    types we offer are:
    • Alkali processed bovine bones
    • Acid processed bone hides
    • Acid processed bovine bones
    • Acid and alkali processed bovine hide
  3. Fish: Also available through patented technology